The Fidget Spinner makes the world go round. 🙂 Pun intended.

It’s 2017 & trends never die. In regular yearly fashion, there’s always a new thing that has characteristics of being un-fascinating yet obsessive. This year, that award goes to the fidget spinner.

It’s literally everywhere and believe it or not, it’s here to stay for a few more months, that is, until the “next viral thing”.

I do want one though. Having a fidget spinner does a lot for you emotionally and mentally. Apparently, it is a good play tool to relieve you of stress, to reduce anxiety and to increase your focus. These are all things I could do with more of.

fidget spinner

Here’s the thing though, someone, somewhere just figured they’d go overboard by creating the largest spinner in the world, and while it is a spectacle to behold, I’m not exactly sure how much an ultra large fidget spinner will help your fidgeting and anxiety. It may just take more than 2 people to use it. Who knows?

via IncredibleThings

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