The newest movie installment in the Marvel universe is the upcoming Deadpool movie. The funny and regenerative “merc with a mouth” has done wonders with advertising and seems to really have a hold on the world of Wade Wilson. Ryan Reynolds seems to have found the superhero that fits his great timing and definitely pushes him past the cute family movies and action…”Mehs”.

So in preparation of Deadpool here are a few movies, Marvel and not, that will get you hyped and ready. Some of these are movies that Deadpool himself has probably watched. Get hyped people, stuff is gonna blow up.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy (Time to be good guys)

This is part of the Marvel catch-up for anyone who just hates going to the movies. But really, this movie is so much fun and the soundtrack is so solid. Then there’s the running internet theory that the whole movie is actually an elaborate D&D game the Avengers play in their downtime.

Aww yeah look at that pelvic sorcery

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Wade Wilson was where?)

While skimming through IMDB I saw that Ryan Reynolds was credited as Wade Wilson?!?!? Where was this? Was I not paying attention? Re-watch the movie and catch it.

3. Ant Man (Hey, I got the van!)

If you know any itty-bitty humans who won’t be allowed into the theater (Deadpool is rated R, don’t be the questionable guardian) Ant Man is a good place to start on the quick humor and silly moments. Then there’s the character Luis. He whistles It’s a Small World mid-mission. Because that’s what you do in a movie about tiny heroes doing tiny action.

 4. Dear John (Feel the love y’all)

Partly because of the Valentine’s Day weekend, but also because of Channing Tatum. Deadpool can admire a stunning jawline as much as the next person. Also he’s set to play Gambit soon.

Not from Dear John? Oh well

5. Up in Smoke

You have to assume that Wade Wilson would be all about the classic stoners Cheech and Chong. He would watch this in a recliner with a massive plate of pancakes and some chimichangas for dessert.

love machine

6. Army of Darkness

Boom stick. That is all.


7. Kung Pow! Enter the Fist (Question a world without fighting cows)

A parody of retro Chinese action films, this movie takes every archetype smashes it into one movie, then throws the whole thing in a deep fryer. I’ll just let the trailer explain. Other than that you need to watch it with a bunch of friends and a a gallon of your alcohol of choice (enjoy that decision responsibly).

8. Reservoir Dogs (Because Terantino movies)

Yeah, Deadpool is probably a Terantino fan. Let’s be real here. This has enough guns and other quippy criminals in their younger years.

smallest violin

Baby Buscemi on how sad it would be to miss out on Deadpool


An oversimplified explanation of Deadpool is that he’s a ninja in red, but I still feel like that’s wrong. Would you call Uma Therman a ninja in this movie? Something just seems off by the title. Either way, the action is solid, the comic book feel reigns supreme and OH MY GOD everyone is such a badass!

Wade had to get the idea for katanas somewhere right?


O-Ren’s backstory though

10. Green Lantern (And the crowd sighs in resignation)

There’s no avoiding it guys. It’s referenced in the movie. There is so much green. Why couldn’t that green just be the lady M&M?

Yeah, so this happened.

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