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You should watch Black Mirror!!!!

In the words of R. Buckminster Fuller, – Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.


“It’s not a technological problem we have, it’s a human one” – Charlie Brooker

It is simply the most brilliant show in media right now. There’s isn’t another sentence that can properly communicate how remarkable and impressive the Netflix original series is.

I’ve always been the type to brag about my knowledge of TV and Internet shows and in time I have recommended quite a few to friends and family. The responses to my recommendations have been nothing short of stellar (mild humble brag) however, nothing has come close to the reactions that I have gotten for Black Mirror.

If you’re reading this and you’re not hip to the series, congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon a gold mine. For those of you who have watched it, this is simply another account of phenomenal television.

Black Mirror is a British series created by Charlie Brooker. It’s collection of unrelated stories with an overall theme of technology and the ultimate demise of humanity.

I am currently a few episodes into the third season and I can’t contain my excitement. I put together a list of reasons why everyone should watch the series, so here goes;



You should watch Black Mirror because it is guaranteed to make you a smarter person. Everyone who has watched at least an episode of the series can attest to this. It’s as thought-provoking as it gets and you’ll be required to utilize your brains. The story lines are quite comprehensible but also as complex.


black-mirror-gif tumblr_mkej7tvhlg1qbxa5so2_500

Who doesn’t love a good think tank? I strongly advise you to watch Black Mirror with 2 or more friends. It will definitely stimulate your thoughts. As I stated earlier, the premise of the show is built upon the demise of humanity by humanity’s own hands. That’s a lot to think about.



There’s no change without vision. In the words of the great philosopher Michael Joseph Jackson,

“I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror, I’m Asking Him To Change His Ways, And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer, If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place.”

When you watch Black Mirror, you will be sure to see yourself in more than two of the characters. It’s quite magical but also very disturbing. Without throwing in any spoilers, one of the episodes is about how enthralled we can get by social media and how much of its approval we seek without even knowing it.



Black Mirror is sure to make you talk. There isn’t a possible way in the world that you watch at least one episode without having a conversation about it. Not exactly sure if this happened by design but it’s a pretty smart way to keep people engaged. Every episode of presents a deeper reflection into the future of the human race.


watch black mirror How2BeCool 1 watch black mirror How2BeCool 2Asides from all the deep and brilliant stuff, the show is pretty slick and very much futuristic. Oh yeah! The technology in the show is beyond ridiculous. You’ll find everything from glass phones and glass computer monitors to external memory grains that are inserted into your body. It’s pretty rad. In one of the episodes, you literally don’t need to use the memory function of your brain because you can store them in an external bank which is planted right behind your ear. You can also project your memories onto screens like they are movies. It’s really awesome but it’s also scary. You also don’t need cell phones to take pictures because you can take them with lenses inserted in your eyes. Cool right?


My best episode to date and probably the same for everyone who has watched it is called “The Entire History of You” and the premise of the episode is that;

In the near future, everyone has access to a memory implant that records everything they do, see and hear.

Which in many ways is a recipe for greatness, and catastrophe, the episode is so good, a few people including George Clooney lined up to buy the movie rights. Robert Downey JR. won.



This statement is very much disputable because everyone has their preferences. But if you do give Black Mirror a chance, you might just say the same thing.


Charlie Brooker is a genius & you should watch Black Mirror.
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