What Online Store Owners Can Learn from Studying Virtual Shopping Carts

Successful owners of online businesses never stop learning from their customers. They want to continually improve the business in all areas. Owners can learn a lot from looking into the online shopping cart of a customer. Discover several ways that owners of online businesses can benefit from studying the online shopping carts of their customers.

virtual shopping cartsCustomer Preferences

Looking into the shopping carts of online customers can help an owner to pinpoint the preferences of individuals. For example, the owner of an online pet supplies store studies the shopping cart of one customer and sees that he purchased a dog leash, collar, pet bed and two bags of puppy food. The store owner takes this information and incorporates it into a promotional email that includes a coupon for chew toys, bones and books related to puppy training. The store owner has used information found in a virtual shopping cart to create a promotional offer tailored to fit the needs of that particular customer. Sending the customer an email with targeted coupons increases the chances that he will return to the online store to buy more items for his new puppy.

Abandoned Virtual Shopping Carts

virtual shopping cartsThe owner of an online store can learn a lot from abandoned virtual shopping carts. For instance, the owner may see that a customer with three items in her cart got halfway through the checkout process and then abandoned the cart. A closer look at the transaction may reveal that the customer abandoned her cart because she had trouble editing its contents. In short, she decided not to purchase one item that she’d put into her virtual cart, but had difficulty removing it. It appears her frustration made her abandon the transaction. This information gives the owner an opportunity to send the customer a special offer for the items left in her cart. More importantly, the owner can go about making the necessary changes in the checkout process to make it as smooth as possible. This includes streamlining the process of editing a cart so a customer gets exactly what he or she wants.

Fixing the Problem Before It Becomes a Real Issue

If the owner of an online store sees that many customers are abandoning their shopping carts, he or she can take action in figuring out the problem. The owner may even send emails out to these customers with a survey regarding the efficiency of their checkout experience. Oftentimes, online shoppers are happy to fill out a survey for an online store especially if they are promised a valuable offer such as free shipping or a large percentage discount in return for their input. The sooner an owner becomes aware of possible problems, the quicker he or she can go about making the proper adjustments.


Finally, online store owners should pay close attention to customer feedback whether it is positive or negative. This is the only way to know what is working within the business.

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