The idea of virality is way past my understanding, simply because of the nature of what exactly goes viral. I have seen the most random things catch flames (flames meaning heat) within minutes of posting. Some videos and pictures get viral and I can dig it cos it makes complete sense as to why it would go viral. However, the bulk of media that have gone viral on the internet have been either weird, boring or just hard to understand (pardon my ignorance).

Anyways, I was up browsing on Imgur and I figured, why not make a compilation of the most viral images on the internet right now.

So here goes guys, these are the most viral images on the internet right now.

PS. All photo’s are sourced and solely from Imgur.

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source: Reddit


Source: Reddit


Source: Reddit


Source: Imgur


source: Reddit


source: imgur


source: Reddit


source: Reddit


source: Reddit


source: Reddit

So guys, some of these images, I understand. The others, not so much. But hey, the internet is an interesting and well diverse place.

These are the most viral images on the internet and they all have the most confusing reasons as to the cause of their virality. I think I’m going to take a pic of my pot and put some text on it. Hopefully it works out.

via Imgur

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