UTVs: Putting the ‘Fun’ in Function

If you play as hard as you work, you want a vehicle that’s as versatile as you are. One of the biggest growth sectors in personal or work transportation is the Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV).

These vehicles combine what’s best about ATVs, light trucks and 4-wheelers to give you a durable work vehicle that can go off-road with the best of them.

What is a UTV?


Utility Terrain Vehicles have been in use on farms, construction sites and in the military almost as long as motorized vehicles, have been around but it’s only been in the last few years that sales for recreational use have surpassed those for industrial use.

Two reasons for this shift have been an improvement in safety over ATVS and an increased interest in off-roading in all of its forms. In many cases, towing winches and heavy-duty bumpers have been replaced by rolling cages, custom paint jobs, and high-end sound systems.

The biggest trend in UTV sales is expected to be in the market segments among:

– Pure Utility Vehicles (PUVs)
– Utility Crossover Vehicles (UCVs)
– Recreational Utility Vehicle (RUVs)
– Sport Recreational Vehicle (SRVs)
– Super Sport Vehicle (SSV)

How to Get the Most Enjoyment From Your UTV

Small, agile and powerful, UTVs are the ultimate work-to-play vehicle. The flexibility and speed of UTVs will allow you to mow your grass, plow the road and take on off-road terrains like a champ.

For example, the John Deere RSX850i is a recreational vehicle that’s not much bigger than a dune buggy, and it has the profile of a sports car; it also comes with a winch that has a 3,500 lb towing capacity as a standard feature.


Their usefulness has also been noticed by those outside of off-road motorsports.

Search and rescue crews, small growers and even the National Parks Service are finding them indispensable for getting places you would never try with any other vehicle. One company has even designed a model that has six wheels and is articulated to bend around trees, small rock formations, and other common obstacles.

UTVs give you an advantage when you want the hauling power of a tractor or heavy machine combined with the speed and agility of a Jeep or ATV.

If you want to modify your Polaris BRUTUS, John Deere Gator or Kobata RTV-X, a range of OEM and aftermarket UTV accessories are available online, in many industry-specific trade publications and at your local off-road dealer.

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