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To keep with the spirit of my Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” review, this is going to be a one listen review. As I listen through Kendrick’s new project, “Untitled Unmastered”, I’ll be laying down my thoughts on the ordeal, track by track. But before I get started… YO ISN’T THIS CRAZY FAM. THE HOMIE KENDRICK JUST DROPPEd A SURPRISE PROJECT ON YOU CATS LETS GET IT SOMEBODY HIT TRACK ONE.

Untitled 1

Off the bat I’m already not feeling the naming structure of this thing but whatever. As soon as the music started I had to switch from my 20 dollar Sony headphones to my pink Beats. If this is anything like To Pimp A Butterfly then I’m going to need all of the clarity I can get with all the different instruments that’ll be tickling my ear and whatnot. Halfway through this song, Kendrick has already made it clear that this is like the part 2 to his last album. But not part 2 like a full sequel. I’m talking like an expansion pack. I’m saying this is like the Far Cry Primal to his Far Cry 4. This is like the Agents of Shield to his Marvel Cinematic Universe. You feel me? Anyway this already sounds dope.

Untitled 2

I feel 5 shades blacker already. Kendrick does to his voice what Ditto does to Pokemon. Basically I’m saying this brother can mold his voice to sound however he wants it to. This dude is borderline singing through this song without singing. So far this ep or album or whatever this is sounds like a bunch of dope leftovers from To Pimp A Butterfly. Like it wasn’t that these songs were bad or anything. It’s like the label was like “Yo Kendrick these can’t be on the album. This is going to fly over the heads of literally 98 percent of people that listen to this fam.” And Kendrick was like “Aight, I’ll put King Kunta and Blacker The Berry on there instead and make it blatantly obvious how I feel about these white people.”

Untitled 3

This is the Colbert joint. I’ve been waiting literally years for this one. I think I liked it live better though. Nonetheless it’s dope. That beat got me feeling like massaging butterflies and reciting poetry about the difference between Malcolm X and Ghandi and whatnot. HOLD UP DID THIS BROTHER JUST LEAVE OUT THE BEST PART OF THE SONG? Get out of here Kendrick.

Untitled 4

This is like one of those tracks that you listen to the first time and then press skip on every other time. Nothing wrong with it but it’s an interlude. Here’s an idea for a title for this one: “Interlude”. Whatever I aint mad though.

Untitled 5

This song is starting off with mad cymbals yo. And then comes in THAT FLUTE like always. This really is sounding like a bunch of leftovers from the album. But Kendrick’s leftovers sound better than most other rapper’s best work and so I can’t be mad. There’s a lot of murmuring going on in this one. HOLD UP KENDRICK JUST CAME IN WITH THAT HOT DELIVERY. Kendrick rapping like he trying to do his best Meek Mill impression. Except he’s actually spitting bars. Yeah this might be my favorite track so far. This is something you listen to after you just got into an argument with your own mother. Like it’s on some super chill stuff but it also goes super hard. Who is this rapping now? Jay Rock? Sorry if I’m wrong about that I really can’t tell who this is. Whoever it is, he spat those super safe bars. This going back and forth stuff is cool and stuff but it’s not any Kanye and Jay-Z type stuff. Like it’s cool but it didn’t push any boundaries.

Untitled 6

Has Kendrick started doing drugs? There’s no way you can make music like this without traveling back in time to the 70s and doing the purest form of mushrooms. This sounds like this was made either for my father, a pot head, or both. You can’t listen to this song unless you have a mushroom. There’s mad instruments in this one too. It’s like someone showed Kendrick a flute and trumpet one day and that opened his mind up to new possibilities. And then someone showed him James Brown and Kendrick was like “AYO WHAT IS THIS? THIS RIGHT HERE IS WHAT COMPTON NEEDS” and Kendrick never looked back since. I like this song though.

Untitled 7

This song is 8 minutes long so strap in. Already this thing sounds like it’s about to be some fire. The beat has kicked in and I WAS RIGHT. Y’all this is dirty. Like this is so grimy. My stank face is on 100. Kendrick rapping like he had some malicious intent when he walked in the studio. This beat is so chill yet so grimy at the same time. I can’t find the words for this one. 2 and a half minutes in and there’s a switch up. AYO DID THIS SONG JUST GET BETTER? KENDRICK WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? Y’all I’m sweating.

This is ridiculous. It’s like 30 angels are massaging my earlobes while Kendrick lectures me about how great he is on some Jay-Z type stuff. Whoever produced this was on his Beethoven that day. There’s another transition at 4:30. Now it seems like there’s skit of Kendrick making a song? I really can’t tell. Kendrick is trying hard to be artsy and it’s working. I’m mad intrigued. Though now I’m kinda upset because this song is about to be on repeat but I’m probably going to have to press the skip button on this part. Kind of like on Mortal Man when at the end of a fire song Kendrick decides to have a 2 day long interview with Tupac. I mean I appreciate what you’re doing Kendrick but put this on a different track. The first 4 and a half minutes were straight up fire. My iPod Classic generation is overheating.

Untitled 8

This is that cut from Fallon. So dope. Back to that straight up funk. This song is making me want to lock. I don’t mean pop. I mean LOCK. I’m talking straight up wrist rolls and karate kicks. This song is like a time machine. I’m not sure what Kendrick’s deal is with his voice. He has the high pitched calm talking thing going on in this one. I’m not mad I’m just curious. The production on this track is amazing yo. I can hear angels in heaven doing the kid n play to this one. This song literally sounds like the 70s. I can hear my uncle going through puberty in this song. I love it though. Kendrick’s cornrows were super tight for this one.

Overall the EP is great. It’s very similar to To Pimp A Butterfly in style and so I’m glad that it’s not being released as an album. That being said, this release is better than most people’s actual albums. With 8 tracks and 1 being an interlude, it still feels like plenty. Especially considering that I’m sure none of us thought we’d see a Kendrick project in the foreseeable future. If you haven’t already, check it out. Leave a comment or tweet at me @BlessingJr and let me know what you think.

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