It’s that time again. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, then listen closely. A highly anticipated album drops, your boy Bless (that’s me) gets hype, then your boy Bless writes a review AS he’s listening to the album for the first time. Track. By. Track. I don’t have time for intros. let’s do this.

Keep Family Close

The boy Drizzy is already doing some tone setting on this one. This is definitely an intro. It sounds darker than I’m used to hearing Drake sound. That’s weird to say because Drake has always been emotional and somewhat sad, but this is different. The instrumental is painting a picture. I don’t mean that on any corniness. Like “YEAH MAN THIS HIP HOP R&B ALBUM IS PAINTING PICASSOS IN THIS PIECE”…

But still, I feel like I’m about to go to war. I feel ready. What is about to happen Drizzy? What are you hinting at? Anyway, Drake gets his ballad on in this one.


Drake can calm down with the accent. We aint dumb over here in America. We know Canadians sound EXACTLY like Americans except y’all say “ay” a lot and say sorry weird. Toronto aint hood bro. Anyway, this song is on some chill yet lowkey hype vibes. Like I aint gon dance to this one at the club but I aint not gon do a driveby to it either. This sounds like something you’d put on when you want to have a laid back time but want people to know you’re having a laidback time at the same time. Drake’s just over here spitting too. I have absolutely no idea what this dude is talking about. I’m just here for the ride at this point. Good job naming a song after a number that aint six though. Even if the number is just six upside down.

U With Me

Here we go. Drake getting his Take Care on a lil bit. Just a lil bit. The instrumental sounds like Nothing was the same. The delivery sounds like If You’re Reading This You’re Too Late. I’m getting Take Care emotion though. I don’t know what to make of this album so far. A lot of it is just sounding like soak music. You know? As in music you just need to sit back and let soak into your pores on some rich people vacation stuff. I just have to press that “repeat 1” button on iTunes and let this thing play for a while. YO LOOK OUT FOR THE 3:30 MARK THOUGH. Drake out here keepin’ cats on their toes. I see you Drizzy.

Feel No Ways

Yo what are these heavenly sounds being fed into my ears right now? This sounds like something my father would listen to. This sounds like a sing they got on the Olive Garden Spotify playlist. This sounds so smooth that it sounds fancy. Like you’ve got to hold doors open for at least five ladies a day to listen to this. Drake out here makin’ music for middle-aged white couples. I’m feeling it though. This sounds like something I can play whenever I’m in a bad mood and need a song that can make me smile in any situation. I’m about to play this after my divorce.

Whoever produced this was on straight crack. They heard one song from the 70’s one time and was influenced heavy. This song is complete with Drake singing and strings to end it off beautifully. But not those Kanye West  My Beautiful Dark Twisted strings. I’m talking straight elegance.


Bro you can’t name a hype song “Hype”. You’re giving too much away. Listening to this song is like watching Batman V. Superman after seeing the trailers. We all know Doomsday is coming at some point. That being said, this song is going to be on repeat for about 24 hours for the next 7 days until we all collectively get sick of it. Drake is on his “Believe me I’m hood even though I was on Degrassi” flow. I aint gon lie I’m feeling it though. I just noticed just about every song is ending with the same skit. Kendrick is that you?

Weston Road Flows

I can already tell you that this album is better than Nothing Was The Same. This song is exactly what I’m talking about. They should call these type of Drake songs “convos with Drizzy” because that’s what it feels like. When Drake gets on his “Imma just tell you what’s up” flow he is easily at his best. Just express yourself Drizzy. Plus the instrumental on this is so good. Soul Samples behind 808s and bass patterns are never a bad decision. This song is easily the best song on the album so far. I wish I didn’t have to review this whole album otherwise I’d just hit that replay button.


This already sounds like an emotional mess within the first 5 seconds. Drake is back singing that emotional crack. This sounds like what you’d play when you match with that ex that you were in love with on Tinder. But truth is she didn’t actually mean to match with you. She just swipes right on everyone and you’re too hype to even realize and so it turns into this whole thing where you think it means something. Basically the song is dope.


Drake out here tryin’ to create new genres. This sounds like a song I’m going to really like a month from now because I didn’t realize how dope it was in the moment. I really don’t know how I feel about this song.

Faithful (feat. Pimp C & dvsn)

WHADDUP PIMP C! The minimalist instrumentation on this album is great. It really is. I’m not sure if it’s better than the production he’s had in the past. It sounds polished and professionally done, but it also sounds empty in a way that feels weird. I know that’s the style they’re going for but I’m not sure if it’s the right direction. That being said, this is another great song if you ignore a bit of corniness.

“Let’s do the things that we say on text”

“You coming all summer like a season pass”

Come on son.

Still Here

Ayo I just slapped a stray cat when the beat dropped on this. Right across the face. My ears got burn marks from the fire that just leaked out of my headphones. THIS SONG IS HOT AS HOT POCKETS STRAIGHT OUT THE MICROWAVE FAM. You know an album’s hot when your caps lock button starts asking you questions like “You sure bro? You’re really passionate right now”

Let me just tell you, the publishers behind NBA 2K are about to have a heart attack when they hear this song. This is about to be the only song on the soundtrack.


Since when did Toronto become Jamaica?

One Dance (feat. Wizkid & Kyla)

I really like this song more than I feel like I should. I don’t know if it’s because Wizkid is Nigerian or because the beat makes me what to move my hips in ways that I didn’t know I could. We’ve all already heard this one at this point. But, if you haven’t, it’s a strong contender for best song on the album. It’s basically this album’s “Hold on We’re Going Home” if we don’t count Hotline Bling.

Grammys (feat. Future)

I’m starting to think Drake has that disorder where you have multiple personalities. I heard about it in an episode of Psych. Basically on Tuesdays Drake thinks he’s Jamaican. On Wednesdays he’s John Legend. On Thursday’s Drake is a hardcore gangster coming straight out of The Six. It’s cool though I aint hatin’. Even though this song sounds like a leftover from that time that Drake and Future went to the homecoming dance together.

Childs Play

Not gonna lie, this sounds kinda creepy. Chris Handsen is somewhere salivating right now. Drake’s over here singing about children bouncing and taking girls to malls. You know who likes to go to malls Drake? Teenaged girls. The music video to this song is going to be banned from the internet upon release. I know he’s not singing about actual children but bruh, don’t name a song Childs Play and then sing about getting people into beds.

Pop Style

This has got to be the longest album in history. Every song is good so far so I’m not mad. YO THE BEAT JUST DROPPED WHAT IS THIS SORCERY? This sounds like something that’ll make you accidentally backhand a cop if it plays at the wrong time. This song makes me want to wear a bandana with the Canadian flag design on it. This song is grimy bruh. Drake should be ashamed. Straight up nastiness pouring out my beats fam. Got me vacuuming my room and what not.

Too Good (Feat. Rihanna)

These sound like the lyrics to an NSYNC song. This is a song that’s going to be all over the radio since it has Drizzy and Rihanna aka RiRi aka Bae in it. It’s not one of their better songs though. Like it’s no Take Care. It’s no Work. It’s no What’s My Name. In fact, it might be the worst song they’ve done together. It’s boring. But in fairness, I could just be tired after listening to this album for what feels like 5 days.

Summers Over Interlude

Oh cool, a song that can put the skip button on my iPod to good use.

Fire & Desire

Take it back Drake I see you fam! This sounds like 2008 Drake. This sounds like it belongs on So Far Gone. Thank you Aubrey for bringing this sound back. This sounds like something your older sisters probably listened to back in 2002. It’s just straight up chill, laid back, mood setting R&B. That’s all it needs to be.


The production on this album has really grown on me within the last hour. I went from kind of down on it to now about to write 40 a love letter. This kind of brings me back to Lord Knows with less grandiose to it. Drake is using the same flow on this one that he’s used on so many other songs at this point. It sounds almost lazy on this one. It could be a “well this is the last song so screw it” kind of thing. If I hear this flow one more time then I’m jumping off a balcony.

Overall, the album is great. It’s long, but it fills that time with great sounds, great vibes, and traditional Drake lyricism. Now if you excuse me, I have to go to bed with this album on in the background.

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