Yo Imma be as real as I can be. There WILL be MAD spelling and grammatical errors on this review bruh. I play no games. I aint got time for spell checks. I aint got time for proof reading. I aint got time for for no green underlines you know I’m saying? Because CHANCE 3 IS OUT FAM.

Your boy has been waiting for this moment since Chance preached the word of God on Ulttralight beam (Y’all aint know Blessing was a Christian huh?).

If you’re unfamiliar with how my reviews work, then listen closely. A highly anticipated album drops, your boy Bless (that’s me) gets hype, then your boy Bless writes a review AS he’s listening to the album for the first time. Track. By. Track.

All We Got (Ft. Kanye West & Chicago Children’s Choir)

This thing kicking off as majestic as I thought it would. This production making want to jump off a cliff thinking I’m bout to land safely on some clouds. YO THAT HOOK THOUGH. Y’all know I love Kanye right? Autoutne Kanye is my 2nd favorite Kanye after educated Kanye. This song sounding like theme music to a Fresh Prince of Belair reboot where a boy from philly lives with Aunt and Uncle who happen to be royalty in Wakanda, you know what I mean? Track 1 opens this thing off nicely.

No Problem (Ft. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz)

This song got me feeling mad and happy at the same time. I don’t know whether to stunt on the haters or or give a homeless man a McDouble. I like the idea of Chance in autotune but Imma only let it slide on this song because it’s a cool “what if” scenario. Other than that, 2 Chainz is on this song being 2 Chainz. I didn’t know this cat was still relevant. Hold up, I just got word that he’s not. Aight, cool. “School of hard knocks, I took night classes”… Freakouttahere. Lil Wayne getting is Lil Wayne on. Did anyone else know he was out of prison? Why hasn’t this dude been featuring on every other song? I know this aint the late 2000s to very early 2010s but man… I kind of miss him. Anyway this hook goes hard. Got me bout to karate chop a nun and whatnot.

Summer Friends (Ft. Jeremih & Francis & The Lights)

Bon Iver is that you? This starts off sounding like Lost in The World part 2 but then turns into the type of music hipsters listen to while cutting down trees or doing whatever hipsters do. This song grows on you by about halfway through though. Chance is singing more than he’s rapping on this one. I’m going to be honest I have absolutely no idea what Chance is talking about. This man could be spewing hate speech about Mexicans and Jews and I would have no idea. This is one of those songs they play in art galleries to make old white people feel cultured. This song makes Lil Dicky look black bruh. I’m not hating on the song but man, all it’s missing really is a Drake feature. Then the tone of this song would be so soft that it would literally drift away and turn my ears into feathers.

D.R.A.M. Sings Special

Bruh get this mess out of my face. I don’t even know who DRAM is.


This is the 2nd song named after me in the last 2 and a half years. This song is sooooooo chill though. Like it’s 9:52 pm but I’m 1 verse away from organizing a family barbecue and inviting all of my cousins. That Krillin line is sick. Chance is dropping some gems on this one. Got me thinking about doing my best in life. This song is giving me life. Somebody buy me some communion wine and a piece of bread and let’s have a good Sunday even though it’s Thursday.

Same Drugs

Man Chance really likes the church melodies. He should be called Church The Rapper… Am I right? Anyone?…..

Anyway this song starts off like it’s a filler scene from Sister Act 2. Then it builds like it was a main scene from Sister Act 2. You know what… This song keeps building. Wait hold up it just slowed down dramatically. People’s 7 year old children about to love this song yo. I’m like 3 and a half minutes in and I have no idea what this song is about. I don’t dislike it though. I gotta listen to this song a few times but I’m pretty sure I like this one.

Mixtape (Ft. Young Thug & Lil Yachty)

Here we go. Just looking at the features and I already know what type of joint this is about to be. Young Thug and Lil Naughty bout to get their ignorant on in this one. I’m kind of feeling the trap thing though if we’re being honest. Chance doing his best Lil Dicky impression which is funny because Lil Dicky is always doing his best Young Thug impression which is funny because Young Thug is always doing his best impression of someone knocked really hard in the head as a child. This song is exactly what you’d think. Doesn’t mean I won’t bump it though.

Angels (Ft. Saba)

I already know how I feel about this song. This joint is majestic. Straight beauty. Best song so far. I get chills when the hook comes in bruh. What other song does that?

Juke Jam (Ft. Justin Bieber & Towkio)

I don’t know who Towkio is but I hear this Justin Bieber dude is pretty promising. I’m only 5 seconds in and this already sounds written and produced by Ed Sheeran. People in Chicago are either gonna love this because it has the word “juke” in it or hate it because Bieber has his filthy paws all over it. I love Bieber so it’s not hate. This song just sounds like some straight up “we gotta make the white people comfortable” type music. But in all honesty, this song is going to grow on me by tomorrow. It’s different and Chance specializes in different.

All Night (Ft. Knox Fortune)

Yo what’s this? I’m about to start house dancing to this joint. This song sounds like an abandoned song that Kanye and Pharrell produced for Common’s Universal Mind Control album. I’m about to listen to this song exclusively at dance songs. This sounds like Macklemore was passing by the studio one night and stopped and said “bruh hold up” and put his filthy hands on this mug.

How Great (Ft. Jay Electronica & My Cousin Nicole)

Y’all. This opening already has me about to shed tears. I grew up in the church. You don’t understand how integral this song is to my being. And they’re just prolonging the mess out of it in the best way possible. It’s beautiful. I’m about to raise my arms in surrender. the room is filled with the holy spirit bruh. I’m about to start speaking in tongues and speak prophecies over my sister in the next room. Shoot I might just start knocking on my neighbors’ doors and start sharing the gospel. I’m talking Matthew, Mark, Luke, AND John bruh. Chance up here spitting the most serious verse of his life too. Bruh I’m asking God to forgive my sins as I type this. Chance sounds like a straight up pastor on this joint. Jay Electronica is that you? How you been bruh? Been a while. Haven’t seen you since Control. Thought you were dead bro. But yeah… Best song on the album.

Smoke Break (Ft. Future)

Bro how are you going to be talking about smoking right after speaking the word of God? Bruh didn’t you read that story about how Jesus got tempted 3 times by the devil? Well Future is the devil in this scenario. Hold up this instrumental is beautiful. This song is kind of chill. Got me floating off my mattress and whatnot. Okay I see you Chance the Rapper. This song sounds like… You know what, I’ve got no words for this. I’ve never heard anything like this before.

Finish Line _ Drown (Ft. T-Pain, Kirk Franklin, Eryn Allen Kane & Noname)

T-Pain is still alive? I kind of like this song. Off the bat it already sounds like something I can jam too. Laid back. Upbeat. That hook is beautiful. I mean BEAUTIFUL. This right here is the soundtrack to my life. Thank you Chance for this.

Just reached the halfway point. Bruh what’s happening? This song is straight up the transformers of music cuh. Noname out here spitting poetry. I can’t even right now. Kirk Franklin too… I just can’t.


So I guess this is the part 2 to the track from earlier? I don’t know but Chance is preaching. And he’s preaching well. I mean very well. It ends off the album very nicely.

This album has been a ride. I love where it’s gone and on a sincere note, Chance has done something special on this one. As someone who grew up in the church, Coloring Book has really brought it back and Chance has crafted an experience that I’ve never thought would be. Coloring Book is maybe.

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