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Thanksgiving is Here 🙂 & Thanksgiving Foods are everything!!

So it’s that time of the year. That’s right; Black Friday is two days away! But we can’t forget that day before Black Friday. The day where we sit back, relax, and commit one of the seven deadly sins. The day that we give thanks by consuming all that we can and watching Football. That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving. And I’ve taken it upon myself to put together a list of the Top 8 Thanksgiving foods. So here we go!

  1. Mashed Potatoes/Gravy

mashed potatoes

Originally I was going to list these two separately but there wouldn’t have been room for both. And then I realized that there’s something better than mashed potatoes and there’s something better than gravy. And that’s mashed potatoes and gravy together. The Lord did well when he created this wonderful combination.

  1. Casserole


Casserole is special because there are different types. You have sweet potato casserole, chicken casserole, mac and cheese casserole, green bean casserole, and come to think of it, you can basically turn anything into a casserole. However, what all of these casseroles have in common is that it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them.

  1. Cranberry Sauce


Cranberry sauce isn’t really a dish, but it’s a necessity. Hence it’s inclusion on my thanksgiving foods list.

  1. Turkey


Does anyone actually like turkey? The only reason I really eat turkey on Thanksgiving is because I know I won’t have any for the rest of the year.

Here’s the thing. Turkey is definitely not on the list of best meats. Not even top ten. I would happily eat chicken on Thanksgiving over turkey. Turkey just seems to be dry and flavorless. That’s just my opinion though. If you disagree, comment and let me know why.

I get it though. Turkey feeds a lot of people. It’s just so unenjoyable. But it’s necessary for Thanksgiving which is why it lands at number 5 on the list.

  1. Cornbread


Have you ever fought somebody over cornbread? I have. Multiple times.

Corn bread is special. It’s special because it knows what it is and tries not to be anything else. Cornbread isn’t a roll. Cornbread isn’t like actual bread. Cornbread is cornbread and that’s why I have such a deep respect for cornbread. It also has the power to make me like beans.

  1. Mac and Cheese

Thanksgiving Foods 2 How2BeCool

Macaroni and cheese might fluctuate on your own personal list depending on whether or not you have a relative that can cook some bomb mac and cheese.

In my family, mac and cheese is not a laughing matter. People get their feelings hurt over macaroni and cheese. It’s serious. The right amount of moisture, the right amount of cheese, the right amount of love being put into making the dish… Perfection.

  1. Stuffing

Thanksgiving Foods How2BeCool

I still remember the first time I had stuffing. I was around 7 years old. My whole life changed. Stuffing gets number 2 on the list because it is actually the real MVP of Thanksgiving Foods. Stuffing makes turkey bearable. It’s the unsung hero of food. I’ve never had bad stuffing before.

  1. Pie

Thanksgiving Foods

Okay let’s talk about pie. Pie is all inclusive. There’s apple, pumpkin, sweet potato, rhubarb, cranberry, Pecan and more. And for some reason, every pie is good. I’ve never had a bad pie. And to put this into perspective, I actually don’t like sweet potatoes. But I had sweet potato pie a few months ago and I finished it.

Pie is special because it is successful at everything it tries to be. It’s just a successful desert.

I’ve never had too much pie before. I wouldn’t know what too much pie would feel like because every time I binge on pie, I only want more pie. Pie gets the number one spot because it’s pie. It’s simple as that.

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