(Eyes Emoji) a $1000 Titanium iPhone case…

Yes!! The $1000 Titanium iPhone case is a thing and it is rare and very much exclusive in all its splendor.

I guess I’m trying to understand why anyone will purchase a phone case that’s worth much more than a phone. In a parallel universe, it might probably make sense and may even in this one. But hey… to each its own.

Titanium iPhone Case

The Advent iPhone case is a luxury phone case made solely from titanium. There were only 500 pieces created and as just as I mentioned earlier, it’s going for the price of $1000. Big bucks if you ask me.

The case comes in 4 different variations;


The design is as expensive as the case itself. According to the details on the website; the specifications are as follows;

Titanium iPhone Case

– Machined from a solid block of Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium – Ti 6Al4V
– Industrial machine line finish & hand polished to a high shine
– Gold Titanium Nitride Coating
– Aerospace Grade Aluminum Display case – T6061, Black & Silver Anodized
– Comes with 1 Black TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) housing color.
– Limited Edition 100 Pieces Worldwide – Serial number engraved inside of case.

If you have $1000 at your disposal, you can totally indulge your taste for exclusivity and buy the case Here.

via Gray International