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It’s not just a catchy header. An NYU student made a pretty weird and creepy film about his plan to murder rap superstar Drake.

Chances are.. If you’re reading this, it’s probably too late.. But hey!! you already started so you might as well keep reading.


NYU student Chris Cole wrote and directed this short film as a final class project. The protagonist of the film is quite burdened with the many questions that every obsessed fan asks their favorite artist, oh! and also the desire to take them out. (as in away)…

Pretty disturbing if you ask me. At some point in the short film, the protagonist whispers to himself

“Is Drake real? Drake thinks you’re soft. Drake didn’t come to your bar mitzvah. Drake forgot your birthday,” it’s because he’s probably not the only one thinking those things.

According to the Fader, a request for comment from OVO was not immediately returned. But you never know, word travels fast… and media travels even faster (well not really, but yeah!!)

According to the student,

“I haven’t actually got a grade yet,” he said. “After screening it, though, my professor thought it was really entertaining, and appreciated the work. I was surprised because I wasn’t sure how accessible the film would be to people who either don’t know or don’t care about Drake. There’s a couple different layers to it, and I’m glad that it seems people are picking it apart and taking time to understand what’s going on.”

Watch the short film and let me know what you think about it.

via The FADER

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