Run… Super Mario Run!!

Super Mario Run is out!!! The very much anticipated official Nintendo debut on the iPhone is here and we can’t be more excited than we are right now.

Super Mario Run will probably be the biggest thing that has ever happened to mobile gaming.

In case you missed the announcements over the past months, a new Super Mario experience is coming to your mobile phone.

Specifically the iPhone first and then every other system.

In the middle of the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 announcements in September, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto took to the Apple stage to talk about Super Mario Run and its launch on the iPhone 7.

super mario run bh

According to Miyamoto, the game is was developed by the team that worked on the original Mario games.

“The director of the game is Takashi Tezuka, who I worked with on the original Super Mario Bros..”

“Hideki Konno was the map director. He designed the world map for Super Mario World.

For this game, he is heading up the kingdom side. So we’re actually making this game with all of the past team members coming together to make a new Mario game.”


Long live Super Mario.

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