Websites are getting more complex every day. This means that the site for your startup will need to be comparable to those of your competitors. It would not be a good thing for your new business if many of the competing sites had popular features that yours does not have. This is why you need to be aware of all the latest features that consumers want to be able to use when they go shopping online. You can then tell your web designer to install these features as he is designing your site. Here are a few examples of features you should seriously consider installing on the site for your startup business.

1. Online chat gives your customers a more convenient way to get in touch with your representatives.

One of your priorities as an online business owner should be customer service. You need to go out of your way to make things as easy as possible for consumers to do business with you. People do not want hassles. Therefore, they will be drawn to your online business if you cater to their needs. For example, some people are not able to call your customer service department on the phone. They might be at work or in a public area where they do not want their call to be overheard. This means you need to give these people another way they can contact you easily. Online chat is a very simple solution to this problem. It will give your customers an easy way to get their problems resolved quietly without people nearby being able to listen in.

2. Using a call center will cut down on the time your customers will need to wait on hold.

Using a call center is something that will benefit your customers. You might be able to answer your own customer calls for a few months while your startup is establishing itself. However, the customer call volume will eventually become too much for you to manage on your own. You will need to bring in some outside help. This help can come in the form of a company that offers call center plus services. This is a company that takes the customer service calls of various businesses. The calls of your customers will be routed to a special call center. The people working for the call center will be able to access the records of your various customers.

3. Your customers should be able to search your inventory by price.

There are many reasons why a person makes a decision to buy a certain item. In many cases, price is the determining factor. Therefore, you need to give the people who visit your site the ability to search for things in a variety of ways. They may want to look for the cheapest items in a particular category. You need to allow them to display all of the items in that category from the cheapest to the most expensive.

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