The new Uno Noteband integrates the use of Spritz’s speed reading technology with wristband functionality. Users now have the ability to read through several pages of  content at speeds never thought imaginable. The concept of this product is just like the name, “Uno”, instead of displaying lengthy sentences, the Uno Noteband simply displays one word at a time on the conveniently placed screen allowing the user’s eyes to lock in on each word being projected.  This cool technology allows for the human brain to process lengthy sentences at an insanely quick rate.



Other cool functions of the Uno Noteband include sync capabilites with Apple Health, Google Fit, X-box live and Play Station to name a few. The vibration notification function along with the sync capabilities allows for users to never stay out of the loop without ever having to pull out their computer or cellular device. Lastly with an awesome battery life lasting over 3 days on a single charge, the Uno Noteband solidifies itself as being utterly cool.

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