Episode logoI typically associate songs with a certain time and place from my memory. A song comes on and I’m instantly transported back to when I first heard it. Forgive me then for forever associating this week’s song with a train ride from Newark Penn Station to Washington DC. But that’s just what happens when a song resonates so deep the first time that it’s worthy of triggering flashbacks. I always joke that it takes me less than a second to determine whether or not I like a song but that assertion has never been truer than in the case of this week’s selection.

“Hold on” is duplicity at its finest. A resonating message and quite possibly the most infectious mid tempo beat I’ve heard this year.

“Baby, why are you home so late?
Why don’t you tell me about your day?
Don’t go hiding in your phone… Your friends can wait but I won’t.”

“Why are we becoming something different from what I predicted?”


The Vibe: Indie funk-pop with a smattering of RnB style delivery

The Message: Every line is deliberately sung, the beat is infectiously lush and yet you feel this sadness from being teleported into a heart wrenching conversation between two people in a relationship that’s clearly falling apart. Maybe it’s because the references are so easy to relate with…hiding in your phone, shying away from communicating, pretending like everything’s okay, re-calibrating expectations…or maybe I should just shut up and let you listen.

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