I’m always looking for new foods and recipes to try to also learn to cook. Sometimes making the basic stuff is just not enough and Josh Sherer of culinary blog Culinary Bro-down knows just that. The skilled chef created what he calls the “Ramnut” – a doughnut made from ramen noodles.




According to Josh, he made this masterpiece just “so that you don’t have to”

Many good things have been created from people playing God with food such as cronuts which is a mash-up of croissants and doughnuts.

Josh’s recipe for the Ramnut six packs of instant ramen, eggs, horchata and, to add that finishing flair, “various frostings, fillings and toppings.”


If you’re like me, you will probably try this recipe out so here you go. RECIPE

via CulinaryBroDown

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