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Sliding in the DM’S…

Social media is becoming one of the largest platforms for meeting people & sliding in the dm’s – and for being swerved.

Every girl has had her fair share of guys trying to slide into the DM’s. It happens, and hey – at least you tried. But eventually you begin to wonder what you’re doing wrong. Hey man, chill out. You’ll get a response…. eventually.

Maybe you can finesse your technique by heeding the following warnings:

 1. Don’t like every girl’s selfie

You know that ‘following’ feature on Instagram? The one that says what people are liking? Yeah. Girls check that. It’s no secret that you’re liking every one of @bootylicious456’s pictures. And you’re wondering why you get ignored in the DM’s? Probably because you can’t be taken seriously. You look thirsty, bro.

 2. Use a dictionary

Please, PLEASE learn the difference between your and you’re. If not, your attempts at talking to her or even getting her attention is going to be something like this:

You: your beautiful

10 hours later

Her: you’re*

-eternal end of her replying-

Sliding in the DM's

 3. You follow 12,000 people and 11,998 of those are girls

If you haven’t caught on by now, here’s a clue: it’s usually obvious when you’re on the prowl. I’m telling you, girl’s notice EVERYTHING. When you add her on IG & Twitter, she will look at who you’re following. Chances are you went on a following spree and added every PYT in sight. RED FLAG. Sheesh, at least try to look normal.

4. It’s OKAY if she doesn’t respond

So please, don’t be the ‘have a good life’. Don’t be the ‘I was only trying to be your friend’ guy. Don’t be the ‘lol ok peace & blessings forever since you’re too busy’ guy.

Sliding in the DM's

That will be screenshot and sent to her girls faster than you can learn how to say ‘water’ in Spanish. Keep your dignity, will you? Move on.

Sliding in the DM's

 5. Be A Gentleman

Opening up a DM and reading ‘ur hot lol’ is what sweeps us off our feet. So does getting a picture of your 2-pack abs.

[/end sarcasm]

If the internet police existed, you’d be in jail. Try something smoother. Does she like art? Send her a cool article about art. Don’t look dumb. Look COOL.

Sliding in the DM's

I can’t guarantee that you’ll have a date by tomorrow, but the point is this: these 4 elements are some of the most annoying things women have encountered. Don’t commit the crime. Whatever you do, just please keep these points in mind.

Sliding In The DM’s: A Guide and Warning

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