“Are you telling me to see the signs”
It’s All About the Sign

With all of the focus on social media and the virtual world today, it is easy to forget that some aspects of traditional marketing concepts still work. While digital marketing campaigns continue to grow in terms of their effectiveness and popularity, let us not forget that a storefront or physical location still has the potential to promote itself to everyone passing by. In fact, technology has helped in this area as well, with graphic design evolving to the point that signs are now all the more visually appealing and eye catching. Outdoor signage is a great way to market and promote your business, events, or special campaigns.

Spruce Up the Outside


If your existing sign is showing signs of old age, it is time to give it a more modern and contemporary look. As most people today are engrossed in mobile devices of various sorts, it is important to create an inviting and attractive atmosphere to pull them in. This involves new designs, color schemes, and logos. You can even work to develop a new brand with your outdoor sign. Remember, this is essentially free advertising depending upon your location. You have but a few seconds to catch the attention of all those passing by, so make it count.

Advertise and Promote


Outdoor signs can be seasonal in nature, and they can be used to promote a wide variety of activities and campaigns. The sky is really the limit here. If you are at a county fair, the sign that is the most appealing and unique is likely to get more lookers than ones that look like they were made three decades ago. When you get an outdoor sign, it is rugged and durable to withstand the elements. Treat it right and you can expect it to last for a few years, after which time you might be ready for a new upgrade anyway. There are little better ways to promote what you have going on, as a sign is more effective than a brochure or flyer at getting your message across to everyone passing by.

As you consider your marketing strategy and approach, make sure that you do not neglect the importance of a sign. This is your nameplate. Make it shine and make it sizzle. This will bring in new prospects and customers to you, so let those creative juices flow and come out.

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