How Does Scooby Doo And The Gang Have Enough Money To Travel The World And Solve Mysteries?

How Does Scooby Doo And The Gang Have Enough Money To Travel The World And Solve Mysteries?

This question has been in circulation on my mind for a hot minute now. I’ve always thought to myself how Scooby Doo and the gang are sponsored to take trips around the world and solve the mysteries they do. Of course it’s a cartoon.. I get that. But every so often, thinking outside the box is a pretty fun exercise.  I recently spotted the question on a Quora page and figured it will be a good read for How2BeCool.

First thing that comes to mind when I think about this question is that they all have rich relatives who believe in what they do. So here goes;

Fred: Fred’s relatives are either shown or mentioned during the series.

Mayor Frederick Jones Sr is Fred’s illegal father. He is the mayor of Crystal Cove. Sounds like money to me.  Kaching!!

The Count Von Jones is Fred’s uncle who lives in a castle and runs a museum. Kaching!!


Daphne: Daphne has quite a number of relatives that are shown or mentioned throughout the series.

Thornton Blake V is Daphne’s uncle, and he is the owner of a Golf course near Lake Eerie. Kaching!!

John J.J. Maxwell is Daphne’s other uncle, he is a movie director. Kaching!!

big top scooby doo cap3

Shaggy: Shaggy is well… shaggy! His name describes his personality I guess. But surprisingly he does have wealthy relatives that are shown and/or mentioned throughout the series.

Uncle Albert Shaggleford is Shaggy’s uncle, who happens to be a rich inventor. Bank!

Uncle Beauregard is one of Shaggy’s late uncles who was very wealthy. He left his entire fortune and his Southern mansion and plantation to Shaggy in his will. Bank!

Uncle Shagworthy is another one of Shaggy’s rich uncles. He keeps his most precious possession, food, in a secret refrigerator with valuable jewels. Bank!


 Velma: Velma’s relatives are mentioned and/or shown throughout the series.. Not much is known about how wealthy they are but from the nature of their vocations, them seem to be well off.

Uncle Elmo is a Doctor

Uncle Ted is an Archaeologist

Uncle John is also an Archaeologist. Kaching!


So there you go guys. The answer to the question is rich relatives.

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