Concept cars happen to have the coolest features and futuristic designs ever. If car manufacturers would just make them the everyday standard, we might find ourselves living in the future faster than we think. These rare concept cars are on display at the Atlanta High Museum of Art and I dare anyone not to look twice at these man-made genius ideas.

A couple of months ago, the museum hosted an exhibition called “Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas” and lets the just say the car designs there were second to none. I wish I knew about this earlier, I would have made it a mission to go there.

According to Sarah Schleuning, the Museum’s Curator of Decorative Arts and Design,

It’s a really exciting exhibition that explores the ideas behind design [and] what innovation means in something as ubiquitous as the automobile.

Sidenote: These designs date back to 1935. If innovation was like this back then, I wonder how it would be today. Watch the video above and check out the photos below.

Make sure you leave your comments and let me know how cool you think these cars are.

Buick Streamliner, 1948

Timbs rear detail 020

Stout Scarab, 1936


 General Motors Firebird XP-21, 1954


 BMW GINA Light Visionary Model, 2001


The Chrysler (Ghia) Streamline X “Gilda,” 1955


All photos courtesy of Atlanta’s High Museum of Art

via Core77

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