I guess crime was for smart folks back then because these guys look educated, but then again looks can be deceiving. This is what Police mugshots looked like back in 1920 and to be honest these guys looked pretty confident and totally unashamed. They all had a certain type of swagger in the pictures..You would think they were Hollywood stars. When compared to the mugshots taken these days, these guys looked pretty cool :). See the photos and let me know what you think.

police mugshots police mugshots cool-police-mugshots-1920-silent-Tom cool-police-mugshots-1920-Sidney cool-police-mugshots-1920-Riley cool-police-mugshots-1920-quartet cool-police-mugshots-1920-picture cool-police-mugshots-1920-old cool-police-mugshots-1920-Neil cool-police-mugshots-1920-montacue cool-police-mugshots-1920-kid cool-police-mugshots-1920-Italian cool-police-mugshots-1920-hat cool-police-mugshots-1920-Ford cool-police-mugshots-1920-Falleni cool-police-mugshots-1920-Ellis cool-police-mugshots-1920-Delaney cool-police-mugshots-1920-creepy cool-police-mugshots-1920-couple cool-police-mugshots-1920-Cahill cool-police-mugshots-1920-Asian

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