The Olloclip is worth it. Simply put. Over the past few years, I’ve recklessly indulged in the #Shotontheiphone trend and I must say that I’ve not only gotten the hang of the photography piece of it, I’ve also become an above average iphone videographer. My instagram has been popping. 🙂 I started a series a called “My iPhone Story” and Here’s what it looks like below.

4th øf Jūly #shotoniphone7plus #miami

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OlloclipI have also purchased and used a lot of items to better my iPhone media house, some of which include the incredible DJI Osmo (you can find my vlogs here), a bunch of random stabilizers not really worth mentioning, and a variety of lenses that did little to nothing. The Olloclip however is in a class of it’s own. My first experience with it was on the 5th Generation iPod touch. I pretty much shot amazing photos and pretty cool video content. I have become a lot better ever since. While, I haven’t had a chance to own one for my iPhone 7 Plus. I did however test it out at an Apple store in my city and the results are pretty awesome. I used the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus core lens set and it was everything I expected and more.

The core lens set comes with a variety of lens option which include;

Macro 1.5x
Super Wide
Connect Lens System

All of which serve different image & video capture experiences. If you’re into mobile photography, the Olloclip is a must.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

As I mentioned earlier, I love to film on my iPhone; Watch video below.

I can only imagine what filming with the Olloclip will be like They recently launched an “Incase release limited-edition Filmer’s Kit with Apple“, which may just be one of the best iPhone Filming out there. It comes with a variety of lenses and It will be pretty cool to get one. Watch the video below;


According to their website, the kit includes;
– olloclip Core Lens Set (Fisheye, Super-Wide & Macro 15x lenses)
– olloclip Active Lens Set (Telephoto & Ultra-Wide lenses)
– olloclip Pivot articulating mobile video grip
– Incase | olloclip Carry Case

Just like every video/photo enthusiast out there, I can’t hide my excitement. I’ll literally make a movie with this thing as soon as I get my hands on one.

In conclusion, the Olloclip is worth it. If you’re into Mobile photography, you should get it. There aren’t a lot of decently priced mobile gear. Other lens packs are either too cheap to take seriously or to expensive to consider. The Olloclip fits right where it should be.

Check out Olloclip on their official site for more on their products.


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