No Shave November is finally here!

Is No Shave November still a thing? If it is, I’m yet to see the hype this year, or maybe everything we are used to hearing or reading about is being clouded and overshadowed by Trump, Clinton, and the entire news media.

November is here and people are definitely keeping their beards.

Well, it’s been here since the 1st of this month. And I, being the unrepentant beard fetish that I am a lot of males and females around the globe can’t be any more thrilled.

What’s life without a few good looking bearded men 🙂

You have to admit that, with October — the month of Breast Cancer Awareness behind us, No shave November is definitely a most welcome visitor. The concept of leaving body hairs to flourish without any inhibition or grooming whatsoever is quite exciting. Watching as men get sifted from the boys as they sprout beautiful facial hairs ranks high on this list and is one of the favorites to look forward to this November. Also, the freedom it avails females to walk about with manly legs is super liberating. Maybe a little limited cause the weather calls for us to be all snug and covered up. But in shorthand, Noshemeber is a genius way of creating awareness about cancer.

And what better way to do that than to grow out the same thing cancer patients loose when they begin their radiation treatments?


These days 🙂

Alopecia or hair loss is one of the side effects of using radiation therapy for cancer, especially when the patient receives treatment to the head. If they get it done to the hip, they don’t loose any hair but dealing with hair loss can be hard so growing yours out and taking pictures, hash tagging with the designated hash tags is definitely for a good cause. A couple of sponsors would donate a dollar to any picture sent into cancer research.

A few rules to consider for all How2BeCool faithful’s;

  • While the whole point of this concept may be to look scruffy and possibly unkempt, we would not have any of our own looking like a destitute. Designer stubbles are always a delight, but should not to be confused with thick, ugly and scraggly patches of hair growth.
  • A few people might decide to grow out the hair bushes in their underarms and nether regions. We don’t want to see it, thank you.
  • It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of what the awesomeness of Noshember is but please remember to hash tag your pictures accordingly. For every picture posted in November to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr with #ChickenStache, Dairy Queen & Dr. Pepper will donate $1 to No-Shave November. There would also be other hairy hash tags so be on the look out!
  • Support cancer research also by buying merchandise whose proceeds go into funding cancer research.
  • And of course, if sprouting unsightly hairs isn’t your thing, feel free to donate.

Be cool for a cause. Ditch that razor and skip that waxing appointment!

PS.. Just for the sake of doing whatever, here’s some beard eye candy for the ladies.

No shave november cool

No shave november


And of course Fernie from Social Club


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