The new Bon Iver album is a surge of audible pleasure and experimental magic.

p.s. This is not a review, – It’s more like an observation 🙂

“Low moon don the yellow road, I remember something. That leaving wasn’t easing, All that heaving in my vines. And as certain it is evening ‘at is now is not the time Ooh”

The New Bon Iver album is simply audio crack in its purest form. 22, A Million is the name and it is the only album I have listened to more than 20 times without skipping a track this year.

For those who are not familiar with the name, Bon Iver is an indie folk band that was created by singer and songwriter Justin Vernon.

They have been associated with quite a few popular artists such as, Kanye West, James Blake, and many more.

Right off the bat, 22, A Million is a mix of Indie folk, experimental music, and harmony filled vocal manipulations. It’s basically as genius as creativity gets.

During my many listens, I found the theme of the album to be very much shaped by Bon Iver’s struggles with uncertainty, religion, and a quite interesting darkness. In songs like 666 ʇ, lyrics like

“I’m still standing in
Still standing in the need of prayer
The need of prayer
No, I don’t know the path
Or what kind of pith I’ve amassed
Long lines of questions”

obviously explain his need for some sort of salvation. According to popular annotation website, Genius;

New Bon Iver album How2BeCool 2The title of the song, 666ʇ is often associated with the devil, as discussed in this annotation. The use of prayer here in the song is clearly no coincidence as prayers are often associated with defeating the devil.

Although we do not know if he is talking about a literal devil or a figurative one we know he is trying to defeat it.

The majority of the songs follow the themes I named above.

Asides from the lyrical content, the sounds, melodies and production are very much stellar. Pitchfork hit the nail on the head by explaining 22, A Million as the work of a songwriter who seems to have lost interest in established, easily deciphered forms of musicality.

The new Bon Iver Album also happens to be their first full length project in five years.

My two most listened to songs on the album are, 715 – CRΣΣKS & 8 (circle). You should take a listen when you get a chance. You might just get a pretty healthy high. (Stay away from drugs kids).

Buy the Album.

If you are a radio lover, this might not be an album for you. But for those who enjoy music for the art of it, this is a must listen.


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