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Make Up is an art to appreciate and a beauty to behold.

Wear Make Up!!!

There was this one time I got all dolled up to attend a friend’s birthday party. Another girlfriend of mine decided to wear me eyeliner. I was so uncomfortable, it felt like molten volcano larva on my bottom eyelids. In the end however, I was very pleased with the result.

make up

No pain — no gain, right?

Prior to that time, I had never attempted wearing eyeliner. The idea of rubbing dark Kohl inside my eyes was daunting enough — so much so, it sent chills down my spine.

I am (or used to be, more aptly put) the kind of girl who thought make-up was for the female folk who weren’t as confident as myself…or for bimbos who were more interested in trivial things that bore much less significance. Needless to say, my ideology is undergoing a face-lift.

It’s been a long journey; one that has seen my make-up bag accommodate a lot more cosmetics than the original loose face powder, nude lip-gloss and curly lash mascara I have always been comfortable with since I turned 18 (Yes, there are late bloomers even in make-up application). Now, a rummage through the same purse would reveal mineral foundation, tubes and more tubes of lipstick in different hues of pink, red & orange (there’s certainly more to come) and you guessed right, eyeliner.

make up

Fact: I’m loving make-up even more as the days go by but not for the reasons that you might think.

It is noteworthy to mention that nothing much has changed, about my persona — that is. I’m still a confident, young woman. I have made my vows never to touch up my eyebrows and I’m not reneging on that. Every so often I still feel that an excessive indulgence in make-up might be a cover up for intensely depletive self-esteem issues but I am definitely using more make-up regardless.

I put off my first “face-beat” by a self-taught make up artist for months and kept making up excuses justifying my actions. The moment I got round to it however, I couldn’t wait to get another fix. These days, I want to get my face done for the most darnest reasons possible — for boat rides, to grab macaroons and for random strolls by the lake. It’s almost so bad, I don’t indulge in shoe porn on the Internet anymore. Once, I caught myself reading up reviews about make-up brushes on Amazon which in my books, is an abominable act.

And this is simply because I find that make-up is a tad addictive.

Addictive in the sense that I stalk a lot more top-notch make-up artistes on Instagram (as you know, there are tonnes of MUA wannabes who don’t know Jack! but I digress) and mentally deconstruct the flawlessness they achieve. Now, I’m a lot more upon to discussions that steer clear of food and keep to topics regarding cosmetics, their application and reviews that are worthy.

But in all of this, make-up (and its application) has taught me some valuable life lessons. Some of which are:

1. There isn’t a  flaw in the world that can’t be covered. Blemishes and scars have absolutely nothing on concealers. If you’re not comfortable with the rest of the world looking on at your flaws, they don’t have to.

2. Any look is achievable with the right products and tools. Tools being applicators like brushes and sponges. The transition from morning to night, bridal to goth, modern and sophisticated to a more retro and vintage pin-up look is heartwarming. The possibilities are endless; nude lips, smokey eyes, loud, subtle — it’s like good versus bad.

3. A good foundation is key to a flawless finish. It really is.

4. To create a work of art, one needs to know her onions. And it shows too.

5. Quality requires good effort…and good money too. If you don’t know how to do your own make up, it’s totally okay to pay someone who does!

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