The title of this post is self-explanatory. Your mental health is a big deal and its is extremely important to take care of your mind as much as you do your body. I also feel like your physical and mental health are interrelated. Below are some of my top ten things that you can do to improve on your mental health.

  • SLEEP: Sleep is probably the most important thing on this list. A lot of you guys deprive yourselves of sleep and you need to stop it. Really!! Sleep does a lot to keep your heart healthy and reduce stress. If you have problems getting some sleep, please see a doctor. 🙂


  • EXERCISE: Exercising is an important way to keep your self healthy. Whether or not you have access to a gym, you should strive to be active always. Walk, run, and workout. 🙂


  • EAT: Food is amazing. But just like every other thing you have to learn to eat in moderation. Eat foods that are good for you and try as much as you can to go the organic route. 🙂


  • NATURE: Enjoying nature is an important way to keep your self mentally healthy. Take walks in the park, go to the beach, and enjoy the breeze. 🙂


  • TRAVEL: Traveling helps you to expand your mind. It changes your view on a lot of things and it makes you more cautious and aware about the world around you.


  •  DO SOMETHING SCARY: Everyone should ‘Do Something Crazy’. I mean go skydiving or zip lining or para gliding. Something intense 🙂

Skydiving Wallpapers 1

  • PLAY THINKING GAMES: Everyone should at least play a game that requires “INTENSE” thinking and calculation. For example, Chess, Checkers, and maybe a few strategy games. 🙂


  •  READ: This is perhaps the most important thing on my list to do. Reading makes you a lot smarter. It keeps you informed and you get to learn new words. 🙂 (Book recommendation – A Song Of Ice & Fire by George R.R. Martin)





  • ALWAYS CHECK HOW2BECOOL.COM: Shameless Plug. This site teaches you everything you need to know about being cool. To be wise is to be informed. 🙂


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