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Mr. How2becool

I love Music, Movies, TV Shows and a Football Club that has let me down time and time again (Arsenal). I think that Chipotle is overrated, I play video games, most especially FIFA which is more than just a game to me. I have a Bsc in Management and an MBA. I started How2BeCool as a way to let people know about the things I like. My motto is, Be Yourself and Be Cool.

Jocelyn Cruz

Power Puff Girl

Jocelyn Cruz is a writer on the How2BeCool blog. She has a BA in Communications/Public Relations. She loves witty people, non-chain coffee shops, the random moments life has to offer, & loves writing about them even more. As a member of the Stay Home Club, music exploration on YouTube takes up a lot of her time as well as meme curating all from home.



I love to cook. I love my son and my woman. I'm a fan of art to a fault. I often dream of dropping everything else and chasing it full time. :) I also take pretty cool pictures hence my involvement on this site. My friends think I'm special.. I can literally sleep in a museum. When all is said and done, I really just want to cook, take photographs and have fun with my family.



Achiever. Drinker of fine, Scotch whiskey. Self-acclaimed Mixologist. Epicurean. Proud Leo Woman. Quite the talker. Excellent typist. Prone to circumlocution. The most important thing to know about her however? She's a B.I.G media enthusiast. (Plus, she totally digs falsies. And anything sweet as her sweet tooth -- very much like her coarse 4c hair -- has a mind of its own.)


Dancer, Gamer, Rap Genius

Blessing Adeoye recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He's a nerd at heart with cool kid tendencies. His favorite things are hip-hop dancing, spitting spoken word poetry at open mics, and playing Rocket League until his Ps4 controller breaks. Blessing stays involved in his community and is obsessed with finding new creative ways to impact the people around him.