The Mannequin Challenge Videos are the coolest trendy videos on the internet right now.

Mannequin Challenge Videos“Black Beatles in the city be back immediately to confiscate the moneys… That girl is a real crowd pleaser Small world, all her friends know me” – Rae Sremmurd

Just in case you missed it, there’s been a new video trend going on for the past few weeks now and it’s probably the coolest thing in a while.

The Mannequin challenge is what it’s called, and while we can’t place our hands on the originators of this trend, we definitely know that a bunch kids from Edward H. White School in Jacksonville, Florida are responsible for its most recent virality.

The trendy challenge involves people doing random poses while maintaining the lifelessness of a mannequin, hence the name.

Here’s what one video looks like;

Over the last few weeks, I watched a lot of these videos and decided to make a list of coolest looking ones, so here goes. In no particular order;

  • Olmstead Falls Football Team

  • Hillary Clinton and her Campaign Team

  • Rae Sremmurd

  • The New York Giants

  • Zach King

A video posted by Zach King (@zachking) on

  • Sir Paul McCartney

There are a whole lot more of these Mannequin Challenge videos on the internet. So feel free to tag @how2becool in some or leave your comments below.

Trends are everything these days, we might just make our own video soon.

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