Life in Miami is fun, annoying, hectic, ridiculously hot and humid but quite the experience. The is the most simple and plain way to explain how it feels. If you’re a tourist, chances are you may or may not understand what it feels like to have a life in miami, but If you are a resident,  you know exactly what I’m writing about.

Life in Miami
However, the one thing we can all agree about Miami is that it is beautiful and it’s a paradise in it’s own little way. The culture is undeniable, the beaches are second to none, South Beach is overrated but has it’s random moments and there’s so much more to the South Florida city than just it’s beach.
A little over a year ago, I wrote an article about 10 fun things to do in Miami. These activities are still very much fun to do.  Miami is simply a vibe and there’s a lot to experience here.

A Life in Miami is the one thing a lot of people dream of having. It takes hard work to enjoy it just like in any other place. But even those who can’t enjoy all it’s perks can agree to the point that there is motivation in anything you see.

Watch the video above to see what My Life in Miami looks like. It was shot on an iPhone 7 Plus w/ the DJI Osmo Mobile.

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