I know how college life calls out to young souls. I mean, I’ve been there.

The thrill of unending freedom and a promise of blood pumping, nerve wracking adventure is so intoxicating, most young people are almost always completely oblivious to the most common mistakes that are repeated over and over again.

There’s the string of  countless bottles of alcohol. Bouts of drunken nights and waking up in entirely new places is a recurring offender. A common blunder is when young people who’ve never had alcohol tend to over-indulge on the first night. Getting wasted doesn’t quite cut it. And besides, it’s always so easy to spot them..or hear them.

Plus, you never know who’s watching…or listening. Watch more CSI people!

And then, there’s the pretty, new girl that begins dating the school’s most notorious bad boy and thinks she’s in love. And the rest of us are like, “Woah, hold up a second! How did he do it…AGAIN?”

It’s a wonder how most  new girls seem to  be in a mad dash to get hitched once they get into uni. So there’s the prevailing situation that guys would always swarm around the new females at the tide of a new school year. BUT did anyone get the memo that states they MUST pair up immediately? And as if for comic relief, the relationships (or at least, the lot of them) end almost as immediately as they began with the guy courting, well, a new female.

College Life

And thus is the cycle of life.

But then again, college life offers the opportunity(ies) for self discovery. It’s a period where emotions all arrive at the same time.

And a period in which you realize what the phenomenon of “self love” represents.

One where you totally loathe the concept of love.

College Life

And where you realize you’re every inch a human being…just like the next human in sight.

But college life isn’t always depressing…

It is all worth it once you don the ceremonial mortar board and gown.

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