Biker gangs, leather jackets, tattoos and piercing all have somewhat of a connection. The gang lifestyle isn’t praiseworthy so I’m not exactly sure what the aim of this mini documentary is. One thing I know however, is that you will be educated on Japanese Lamborghini gangs & the Yakuza. Well not the entire Yakuza history.

The documentary is about a man by the name of Morohoshi-san and his gang. According to the documentary, San had always been infatuated with customized Lamborghini’s and has made it his life’s job to own one regardless of the methods, and consequences. The documentary presents a pretty interesting peek into the underground culture in Japan.

Speaking of Lamborghini’s.. I really won’t mind owning one. I mean, I would have to get it legitimately and all 🙂 They are pretty cool cars and the guys in this video are sure to be the envy of a lot of car lovers.

Watch the video above and check out some of the photos below. Let me know what your thoughts are and how cool you think the documentary is.

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via Joes Daily

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