In a couple of weeks, Apple will start sending out iOS 10 software updates to iPhones around the world. But if you’re semi-impatient like I am, chances are that you have already installed the beta version of the software.

The iOS 10 experience has been nothing short of creative, awesome and quite android-esque. Apple has found some ways to incorporate android like mannerisms into its system and it really does work well. It also makes for a way better iPhone experience.

Apple has always relied on the execution of their user-friendly ideas, so it comes as a shock that ios 10 might seem a little bit more complex than previous OS’s. Nevertheless, it’s way better than every system prior and it comes packed with  a lot of features.

Below are 10 things you can expect from iOS 10
  • Widgets
  • New Gallery Layout
  • Changes to iMessage such as predictive emoji, handwritten text, and more.
  • New Apple Maps Layout

Check out these photos below to see what the new operating systems looks like…


  • New Apple Music Layout


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Images by @EliasBrockway

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