“The hype is real; everything else is whatever”
Horizons by Ampersand is everything to me right now and I wouldn’t be doing you guys right by not sharing this coolness.

This article is especially interesting to me because our lead designer Jacob Morgan is one of the brains behind the group. Ampersand is an indie band that produces some of the most celestial sounding music I’ve heard. They recently put out an album called Horizons and it sounds pretty awesome.

Here’s a quote about the album from the band.

“With Horizons, we aim to inspire courage to hope in the future and to let it drive us to new heights. Without innovation, worlds previously hidden from us would never have been found. As a band, we embrace and exemplify this through the variety of electronic soundscapes and vintage guitar tones throughout the record. Each track is named after something that can be observed in the celestial sphere, reflecting that the sky truly has no limit.”

Click HERE to listen to and purchase Horizons.

Also listen to the first single in the video above.

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