I stand to be corrected, but being in your twenties has to be one of the hardest phases of life. If it isn’t already the hardest. A lot of twenty-something year old humans would be able to relate to this. This is a time in life when you’re too old to get away with somewhat “childish behavior” and still too young to be taken seriously by much older adults. But in all of its excruciating agony accompanied by continuous fretting of whether or not your life is in on the right path and scampering to seize the seeming flood of opportunities open to this age group for a very limited time — cause let’s face it, a decade just seems to fly past these days, some get stuck in a rat race of sorts — and slowly realize that the life they thought they had is just piles and piles of unending clutter. Useless. Totally unnecessary. You were the  Kermit of your own life and didn’t even know it!   It was all for NOTHING!*Gasp   Parents, older relatives and well-meaning folk would always tell us how good we have it now and why we can’t complain. They’re right. We really do have it good. And we honestly can’t complain. If not for anything, for the Mother Theresa of all things good and benevolent, a gift that keeps on giving: the internet. But as you already know, this is both a blessing and a curse. There’s way too much information at your fingertips to FULLY process in one take. And somehow, we missed the memo intimating us with the fact that not every great opportunity is THE opportunity. This means that you’re part and parcel of one too many fora online, you’re signed up to participate in yet another exciting activity that could push your career to the next level and build your talent(s) or lack thereof and worse? You realize you can’t keep up with the latest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) you just got enrolled in to flaunt on your LinkedIn profile and that means you can kiss your certificate of participation goodbye. To get rid of all this crazy then?

  1. Decide what you really want. It helps to narrow down your interests and what you’re genuinely passionate about. Now some of us find that we’re pretty good at a number of things and there’s absolutely nothing wrong in trying to play up some of our strengths but most times, that just leaves one with an unclear and uncut plan that is all over the place. This in turn leads to exhaustion.

  2. Focus on what you really want. You have to stay true to what you’ve decided. Educate yourself on all you need to know. Participate in helpful activities. Make goals. Hit said goals.

  3. Keep track of your progress. And make sure you don’t derail. A journal is really helpful in this regard. Record a daily entry. Or weekly. Whatever works for you really, but be sure to refer to it ever so often so you’d know just where you are exactly on your journey. Make notes. Chip in comments. Just record the process, that way you’d be able to determine any loopholes and know what you’re doing right.

  4. Have someone you’re accountable to; a mentor, a supervisor or spouse who clearly understands your intentions. This person is there to hold your hand along the way. It’s much better to be held responsible to someone other than yourself because you’re bound to give yourself one break too many.

In the end, it’s your life and you are responsible for however it turns out. If there has ever been anything truer said, it will be that the era of the twenties is one hell of a confusing time but is sure as hell just as crucial.

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