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Hillary Clinton Supporters know it all…

The presidential election is fast approaching and we all can’t wait to cast our votes. This election season is particularly difficult because of the candidates at the forefront.

The RNC’s Donald J. Trump & the DNC’s  Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton placed herself in United States history when she became the first woman to be nominated by her party as their candidate of choice for the white house seat.

The Republican nominee, Donald Trump has put himself through so much media scrutiny courtesy of his “no care in the world” attitude and his lack of political correctness; which has surprisingly won him the hearts of a lot of people in the country. Amidst all the shenanigans in the media, public perception still favors Hillary Clinton despite the many “without a doubt” reports that keep coming out about her.

I put together a list of 7 things Hillary Clinton supporters are in denial of;
  • Democrats Screwed the Bern

Hillary Clinton Supporters

(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

It doesn’t come as surprise that Hillary Clinton possibly has the Democratic Party in her pocket. However, the Bernie Sanders incident was the landing blow that just never landed.

According to leaked emails by the infamous hacker collective, Wikileaks, a party official intended to use Sanders’ religious views to derail his campaign. He was going to be branded as an atheist which would in many ways hurt his chances to have been nominated at as the party’s presidential choice.

  • Hillary’s Health

This is in no way a stab at her health condition, but so many theories concerning the state of Hillary’s well being have come to the forefront and we all can’t but notice it. During a July 2016 interview, the DNC’s presidential nominee had the most bizarre thing happen. Speculation from health experts point towards a mini seizure or the after effects of a previously suffered stroke. Theories are here and there, but we can only call things as we see them. Watch the video below.

  • The Underwood Theory

hillary clinton supporters

“They have been dishonest and Bill has been caught sleeping with a reporter and there is probably many other things that I am missing.” – Reddit

If you’re a Netflix-er like I am, you’ve probably watched House of Cards. The show details the life of Frank and Claire Underwood and their speedy rise to the top of the American food chain through corruption and a whole lot of other sketchy things. Now we are not saying this is exactly the case, but like you read earlier, if you’ve watched the show, you can’t help but wonder.

  • The FBI vs Hillary Clinton

It goes without saying that wherever there’s smoke, there was possibly a previous fire. The FBI have a case against Hillary Clinton and it’s quite interesting to see it all play out.

  • Emails, Emails and more Emails

FBI director James Comey has challenged the truthfulness of Clinton’s claims about her email scandal. Despite her several defenses, more and more facts keep coming out.

  • Lies, Lies & More Lies: Chinagate Scandal

It’s no secret that every politician tells lies. The game of power is made of up of hard waters that can’t just be navigated by pure honesty.

Hillary Clinton Supporters 

According to Judicial Watch founder, Larry Klayman, tech companies supposedly donated millions of dollars to Bill Clinton’s 1996 campaign at the expense of high tech secrets to the Chinese.

There are so many things to talk about concerning Hillary Clinton but the one thing we can’t deny however is that she currently is the most qualified nominee.

Featured Image via AP Photo/Cliff Owen

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