Hey guys, If you’re as frequent on here as I am 🙂 you’ll notice that I have a thing for creativity. How2BeCool is very much about how well creativity makes us who we are. But that’s that.

True story: I have been looking for a place where I can find pretty cool retro vectors for a while now and until very recently, I was quite unlucky. I’m currently working on a New Years/Christmas creative media kit for How2BeCool and a friend of mine had the genius idea to give it a retro feel.

GraphicStock came through in a very clutch way.

For those who don’t know about GraphicStock, it’s pretty much THE go-to spot for royalty free images on the internet. They have over 250,000 graphics, illustrations, vectors, icons and a whole lot more.

You pretty much get everything from free images to DIY stock images.

I got access to the pictures through GraphicStock.

For all the graphic designers reading this article, you’ll definitely get the best bang for your buck on Graphic Stock. It’s pretty cool because I had the option to download either EPS, PNG, or even PSD versions of the files I used in photoshop.

Graphic Stock is COOL

I have pretty much been working on a media kit for this website and as I said earlier, these guys have come in handy in a major way. Below are some of the pictures with some stuff that I worked on.

I simply downloaded what retro vectors I needed and I used photoshop to place the images on my design.

Here’s a picture below of what it looks like;

Here I’m taking advantage of the color themes – If you’re on the minimal side of designing you’ll know about the Pantone color hex. The yellow background was the New Years top color. The picture I got from GraphicStock sits very well on that color. The 2nd image with the bicycle is my way of riding into the new year. Abstract much?!?!

Long story short – Graphic Stock is a Wave

Graphic Stock

The site is very much easy to navigate and all the options are right there in your face.

GraphicStockYou guys need to totally sign up.

People have made T-Shirt designs, DIY projects, Wedding invitations, Food Decor and a whole lot more using resources from GraphicStock.

So here’s something for you, sign up and get a 7-day trial, you will pretty much be able to take advantage up to 140 graphic stock images from the library during your trial.

Right after your trial ends, you are automatically charged for the next month so be sure to take note of that.

Get creative guys, send me you best Christmas/New Year Designs.


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