I want to go to Mars…
Mars one way might seem like the most ridiculous thing ever but there is some interest to it.

First things first, this is TRUE. I think it is brave, cool and pretty insane but hey, we all have a right to make our own decisions. 200,000 people applied to be part of a project called MARS ONE. It’s a private enterprise that aims to create a permanent human settlement on Mars and film a reality show about it. In short, its pretty much about people who want to go to mars. The video above¬†pretty much gives you a peak into the lives and the thought process of five of the candidates. It’s pretty cool stuff. Watch it and let me know what you think.

Mars One Way from VITA BREVIS FILMS on Vimeo.

mars one

The idea of living on another planet is something that has crossed the minds of so many people. It’s quite surprising however to find out the reasons why they want to leave the earth to go to mars. The mars one way mission might just be the most interesting thing to happen in a while. I guess it will take a lot for these people to change their minds. For the most part it seems like the reasons they want to go to mars are somewhat trivial.


Oh Well!.. like i said earlier in the first part of this article, “everyone is entitled to their own decisions”.

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