Game of Thrones Characters in Star Wars

Have you ever imagined Game of thrones characters in star wars universe.

Game of Star Wars…

It’s been six seasons in the seven kingdoms and winter is fast approaching. Evil is about to die and we all can’t wait for what it’s death would look like. It’s sort of the same situation in the Star Wars Universe and there’s nothing worse than waiting for sequels and new seasons.

In the mean time, California based Canadian artist Andrew Dat Tran aka Doctaword has mixed both worlds together.

Tran has re-imagined Game of Thrones Characters in Star Wars universe and it’s nothing short of awesome and cool.

Check out the photos below.

Game of Thrones Characters in Star Wars 3 c78657fb26de13b08249f7025bc9b211 media The-Sith-Knight-King tumblr_o983rtzRgq1runtd9o7_1280

Follow Tran on Instagram @doctaword & check out his portfolio.

via Design Taxi & doctaword


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