The future is exactly what we make it to be!

It’s amazing to see how the world has changed, mostly courtesy of technological advances. From black and white televisions, to LCDs, Walkman’s to mp3 players, the progress is pretty impressive.

Travel back 50 years to the New York World Fair in 1964 and the photos below are a reflection of what they thought the future would look like. It somewhat feels like their ideas where Jetson inspired. There have been many thoughts and perceptions on what the future would look like and the farther in time we get the more we realize that our thoughts are not as far-fetched as they may have seemed when we initially thought about them.

The world is an ever moving ball of ideas, innovation and technological advancements.

The New York fair was quite big, as over fifty million people where in attendance. We are definitely not living in the future they envisioned back then. However, we are not very far from it aesthetically and technologically.

Thought The Future Would Look Like Thought The Future Would Look Like 1 Thought The Future Would Look Like 2 Thought The Future Would Look Like 3 1964-worlds-fair-new-york-city ap374504579781 new-york-world-fair-1964-0 new-york-worlds-fair-1964 new-york-worlds-fair-1964-2 the future new-york-worlds-fair-1964-7 the future world_s-fair
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