We’re all not the same.

The term Aging Millennial has recently been making it’s way to pop cultures vocabulary and to be honest a lot of us aren’t exactly sure about what it really means.


A lot of us barely  understand what or who exactly a millennial is, let alone the traits and characters that make up this group of people. According to research, a Millennial is anyone who was born anywhere between the years 1980 and 2000.

If you’re reading this, chances are that;


In order to understand what an Aging Millennial is, it is important to know exactly what a Millennial is.

Millennials also known as Generation Y or the Net Generation are people who reached adulthood in the 2000’s, and are largely characterized by  their incessant need for approval, their insatiable appetite for information via the internet, their inseparable love for anything mobile, their drive and most importantly their passion.

Below is a list of some of the characteristics

  • Millennials happen to be the largest and most educated generation in western history.


  • Millennials are the first generation to grow up being connected to the world via the internet.


  • Millennials have embraced technology like no other generation has and it has in turn made for a more connected world.


  • Millennials are Global Citizens.


  • Millennials are natural born entrepreneurs.


  • Millennials are very driven individuals.


  • Millennials are very diverse.
  • Millennials are nothing short of confident.

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  • Millennials are driven by instant gratification.


  • Millennials are prone to be adventurous.

Millennials are simply the social and economic bedrock of the world.

Having an understanding of who a Millennial is, gives you an idea of what an Aging Millennial is.

 Aging Millennials are a sub-generation within the millennial population that had the opportunity to experience the old days. The old days being the experience of certain childhood activities that are still existent today but certainly not being overly indulged in.

There are many differences between an Aging Millennial and a Young Millennial.
Aging Millennials were born between the years 1980 and 1994
The Aging Millennial is a bridge between the ones that played outside and the ones that played video games while the young millennial grew up mostly playing video games alone.
Aging Millennials are simply misunderstood.
Aging Millennials know about dial-up internet, chat rooms, IM’s and TMobile Sidekicks


The Aging Millennial was born right on the cusp of the internet’s big break.

In a nutshell, Aging Millennials make the world go round. As mentioned before, they are very well misunderstood but they have brought a lot of technological, social and economic change to the world.

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