I just heard of Flappy Bird a few days ago and I have downloaded and played it everyday ever since. I think it’s a pretty well put together game. I wish I could have come up with the idea first. It is also the MOST FRUSTRATING game I have ever played on my iPhone, and I am pretty convinced that a lot of you feel the exact same way about the fast rising game. I expressed my frustration on the twitterverse earlier today and I got a pretty interesting response in form of a Link to a site that is the complete opposite of the game.

Disclaimer – I am in no way promoting this game. I am just posting about the sheer brilliance and the satisfaction it brings to everyone who cant get the Flappy Bird past the first 4 ‘green block things’

All that being said, check out SQUISHYBIRD 



This amazing site is simply a “F*CK U” response to Flappy Bird. You pretty much get to squash the birds.

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