Most people think of drones as something that hobbyists play with out in an open field with their friends. Drones such as the vortex pro can be bought through a reliable online retailer such as

However, drones have proven to be useful in many ways since the technology in them has grown. Below are some top uses for drones that many may not know about.

Hurricane Hunting

uses of drones

Drones are great for uses in instances where there is danger. For a hurricane, a drone is able to go right into it without risking any human life. These hurricane drones can be flown from someone from miles away where it is safe using a laptop. The drones are able to be used to capture things like pictures, humidity, pressure and temperature. These readings can help scientists learn more about hurricanes and how they work and develop.



Smaller, lightweight drones can be used for 3-D mapping. They are used to survey large areas of landscape to take thousands of images to be pieced together later in 3-D maps. The military and other government agencies have used satellites for many years to produce similar images. However, with the rise in UAV technology, smaller companies and individuals are able to get the same results using small drones. Some drones don’t need to be controlled because they are driven by GPS technology. Once launched or thrown into the air, they can guide themselves with the GPS applications installed on them.

Protect Wildlife

The government already uses them to help protect wildlife. They are capable of flying over large areas of reserves in order to keep watch on animals that are being protected. Surveillance drones have become a popular way to keep an eye out for poachers. Google is working with WWF to launch a number of surveillance drones over Africa in order to keep an eye out for poachers who are killing off the rhinos towards extinction. These drones are great for keeping an eye out for the safety of protected animals from a safe distance and are able to keep watch over a greater area of land.

Drones have come a long way from being just a toy for hobbyists to use for fun and recreation. There are many benefits to using them that many people would have never imagined. With the technology  becoming better each year, the uses continue to rise.


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