“I just got me the Mercedes Pullman you niggas never heard of it, you gotta hit up Google” – Drake

This post is simply as a result of a line from Drake’s 30 for 30 freestyle off his collab album with Future “What A Time To Be Alive.”

The Mercedes Pullman is everything I expected Drake to probably talk about.

Just like every curious fan I made my way to google and typed in Mercedes Pullman and the car is simply grand and premium. Just like he has always done, rapper Drake has found a way in to influence our reactions. The effect of fandom and social power is next to nothing and this post is proof. The Mercedes Pullman is probably a dream to a lot but if your Drake, you probably have big enough pockets to not feel the cost of the upper class vehicle.

The Pullman is just another one of the many cars that will be referenced in rap lyrics for a very long time.

Check out the photos below.

Mercedes how2becool 01 mercedes maybach how2becool 02 mercedes pullman how2becool 03 mercedes pullman how2becool 04 mercedes pullman how2becool 05

What a time to be alive

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