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It took me more than a while to find a suitable header for this post. The idea of possibly treading already cemented ground to bringing an already conceived idea to paper was somewhat of a struggle for me in my attempt to put this piece together.

For every wisdom stricken individual out there, it normally takes less than a short while and a little bit of wit to comprehend folly and to spot those who possess it. The same can be applied to a variety situations, and also to the random people that we meet and deal with daily for example; cheats, thieves, liars and all round arrogant pricks who derive pleasure by taking advantage of tragedies to mock the demise of others and further their personal agendas.

Take for example, Donald J. Trump.

He has been the muse of a rap video
and in times his name and status have been used to describe measures of wealth that can’t be achieved by just anyone.

BG1YellowGreenHe has also taken his shot at the top seat in the country. Fortunately for us to no avail. Especially at a time when idiots have found innovative ways to thrive. (We really don’t need anymore in positions of power – no pun intended)

When you get to the end of this article, I hope that you see my point of view and ultimately understand my reasoning. I lack respect for people who I feel exemplify the descriptions in the previous paragraph. In my possibly unpopular opinion, Donald J Trump happens to be one of those people.

I simply have no respect whatsoever for this man. In more ways than many he has become a tool not just to a lot of people but also to himself which might just be a sign of his oblivion. Although, I am not completely sold on that fact that he is unaware. In some ways he may just have found methods to convince himself that folly really isn’t folly or maybe we all just really view things differently.

In time I have realized that a lot of people share my sentiments and disdain for Donald Trump. His most recent antic provoked a pretty heated conversation among a couple of friends. The man has found ways to constantly remind us all that it’s possible to be a douche unapologetically.

Donald Trump has wealth and a healthy amount of time to fuel his ego and in his most usual fashion, he makes known his most insensitive opinions in the most sensitive of times. His most recent display of immaturity was just a few days ago when he took to the twittersphere to share his thoughts on the Amtrak disaster that claimed a couple of lives and left many injured ;

Oh! and then he proceeded to say;

Also, his views on the most recent Baltimore riots which were triggered by the death of Freddie Gray;

If you think I’m alone in my thoughts and opinions on this display of bigotry, these are some interesting responses;

In a nutshell, this man takes advantage of tragedy as a platform to voice his selfish ambitions. I stand corrected if you feel otherwise.

Now understand this, there is a lot of genius to Donald’s persona. Hence his rise to top business place in the country and in some form or fashion the world. This post in no way is meant to take away from his entrepreneurship and brilliance however it’s just what it is.

What do you guys think?

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