The Donald strikes once again….

Someone drew Donald Trump as Disney Princesses and it’s ridiculously funny.

Just like every other victim of creativity and trolling at it’s finest, Donald Trump has now become a repeat victim of the cruel backlash of the internet and this time it’s nothing we expected.trump-cat

A beautiful soul in the name of Jen Lewis decided to give the Donald a make over by drawing him as a couple of Disney princesses.


Someone drew Donald Trump as Disney Princesses and the hilarity that will ensue from this will probably know no bounds.

Check out the photos below and let me know what you guys think.

Oh and by the way, this is by no means an endorsement, co-sign or the opposite.

Donald Trump as Disney Princesses How2BeCool 01 Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeedDonald Trump as Disney Princesses How2BeCool 02Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeedDonald Trump Disney Princesses How2BeCool 03Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeedoriginal-15298-1442955492-4Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeedoriginal-15298-1442956777-13Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeedoriginal-17903-1442953122-9Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

original-23624-1442871074-3Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeedoriginal-26481-1442933889-9Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeedoriginal-30862-1442954450-4Disney / Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed

via BuzzFeed


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