Over the years, I’ve found that people have devised ways to be immune to the BS. The BS being the crap load of emotional and mental torture they’ve experienced over time. It’s quite fascinating to know that people would rather hide under the guise of being “just Okay!” when they are clearly plagued by thoughts and haunted by memories of pain and a whole lot more.

There are three types of people in this world. The leader, the follower and the “Malcolm’s in the middle” who could careless about whether or not anyone cares and who would within the blink of an eye gladly raise the metaphorical middle finger to anyone who shows or doesn’t show the slightest concern. Simply put, they just don’t give a damn.meditation-application-review-for-healthy-body-and-mind-newI’ve found myself wanting to be a Malcolm, but in time I have learnt that a good mix of all three personality types make for the best social habits (whatever that means).

tumblr_mgwixwkkVp1qc4uvwo1_500Your emotional well being is somewhat of a big deal and shouldn’t be treated just as any other flimsy issue in your life. You will find that people are more crippled by mental hurt way more than they are by physical pain. Humans are inherently messed up (have you seen the news lately). They are however capable of good, but some are just beyond redemption. You also have those who are just the way they are. The truth is, we are all capable of hurting and being hurt. Some people hold others as slaves subconsciously (which is just as bad). Some do it on purpose, and others are just too weak to resist the influence. To this I say, it’s a very wise and important thing to surround yourself with people who have different personalities. This mostly makes for a balanced social diet which in turn lends a voice to your voiceless self, lends a hand to your handicapped self and speaks volumes about your resolve to take care of your emotional health.

For those who have found ways to be immune to emotional and mental hurt, my concern for you lies in the entirety of your reasoning. WHY? & HOW? Simply blocking it never really works plus Humpty Dumpty probably sat on that wall for a considerable amount of time. Considerable enough to not be bothered by the possibility of a fall. We all know how that ended.

You will find that no matter where you run to, your issues will always seem to latch on. I’ve heard extreme stories of extreme measures. So whenever you see that one movie where miss A. left Vegas for a small town in Washington, you could bet that she probably was running away from her past. Usain Bolt is currently the fastest athlete on earth. I can tell you someone who probably can run twice as fast and his name is “Your Past”. No matter how far you run, if you never faced it, your past will always catch up to you. All this to say stop blocking, stop running and start facing.

Your emotional well being is everything. It can make or break you. Start doing the right thing.

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