I’ve been using the DJI Osmo Mobile for a while now to vlog, and I can confidently say it’s probably one of the coolest pieces of tech that I have put my hands on. A lot of people have their opinions on how good of a stabilizer it is but I’ve come across some amazing video production courtesy of it.

“DJI Osmo Mobile videos are a wave”

I have compiled a list of the top 7 DJI Osmo Mobile videos. Ps; all these videos were shot with either an iPhone 7 Plus or a Samsung. It’s pretty solid content for mobile videography.

Check out the videos below;

The iPhone 7 Plus is a major key

DJI Osmo Mobile


My 7 plus is packing 128GB’s, so that’s more than enough for all my memory needs. Over the past few months, I’ve been particularly obsessed with videography and the art of making quality video content on your phone. From what I’ve seen, the iPhone 7 Plus video camera is more than enough to create content that’s close the magic you get big screens.

Youtube has been very much my iPhone video thirst quencher. I have watched a few really dope iPhone videos and short films.

I put together a list of my top 7 iPhone 7 Plus Videos for you guys to see, so here goes;
  • Istanbul, Turkey by Muhammad Syahmi

  • Yosemite by Ernest Karchmit

  • My Oregon Summer by Everything Apple Pro

  • Tokyo in 8 Days by YourSimpleRyan

  • Running Through Barcelona by LifeGains (My personal favorite)

  • Dresden Night Timelapse BY UBAHNVERLEIH

Make sure you check out more DJI Osmo Mobile vids on YouTube. If you ever decide to purchase one, it might just be a pretty good look for your video production. DJI has taken the forefront on video production gear from their line of drones to their hand held stabilizers.

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