Alright guys.. It is apparent that the selfie craze is here to stay… Lets just say it’s what this generation will be remembered by. I’m literally in the process of cooking a pretty delicious Sunday meal but first……… Let me take a selfie! (I had to do it…lol)

Anyways, Italian digital illustrator Simona Bonafini has re imagined Disney characters as conceited Selfie taking people..

The evil queen takes a pretty cool one, Oh and thumbs up to peter pan for the photo bomb. 🙂

This is how it would look if Disney characters had instragram accounts and took selfies






Make sure you check out more of Simona Bonafini’s work on her Facebook her Behance profiles.

Also don’t forget to pass your comments and vote on how cool you think Simona’s work is.

via Mashable

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