Both Instagram and Snapchat have contributed so much to enhance our social experience. The genius’ behind these applications have created cultural norms that we now associate with everyday and will continue to do for a very long time. Instagram and Snapchat users are the new patrons of the age of information and they are surely banking a lot more than currency.

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These are differences between Instagram & Snapchat users.

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  • Snapchat is an excuse to be casually risky, Instagram is the enabler: Snapchat has proved that there is power in deletion. In many ways snapchat presents the risk that is sometimes associated with getting wasted and forgetting everything that happened the night before. Instagram on the other hand is the friend that stays sober. That one friend that stays behind you when you walk the plank but pushes you right when you get to the edge. It’s simple mathematics. People now find their confidence in the fact that certain captured moments will be deleted within a socially acceptable time span which then gives them a chance to be “realer” than they would ever be on Instagram. It can be a good thing though; being real is all that is asked of a lot of us anyways.

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